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All the content you need to reach your goals and get noticed.

We know the struggles are real. In ballet, results take time. It's easy to get discouraged. We get it! Get the attention and help you need. Ask questions in live group sessions or book private help. DancePro App will help you stay focused and keep going. You can do it!

Access in your browser via the website or download the DancePro app!

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DancePro Training & Mentorship:

Start/Level Up

Take your technique and presentation to the next level at any age. Gain skills and confidence. Improve for auditions/competitions. Go from "needs improvement" to EXCELLENT.

Adult beginners learn Real Barre and progress to taking class in a studio or continue to train with me online or in-person workshops! Barre Fitness enthusiasts take proper form to those work outs or find a new low impact hobby... classical ballet!


Track your progress in the app. Finally the accountability you need to stay engaged. Push notifications to encourage you to complete your program.

Log your time spent and upload photos. Track activity completion streaks and total activities completed.


Live Q and A sessions! Get direct help and share your struggles and results with like-minded people. Submit questions in advance if needed and watch recordings later.

Students meet 1 to 4 times a month depending on your program.

Some programs have one on one office hours included as well.


Courses and training are available on the website and in the mobile app so you can learn on the go.

View your course videos offline in the app.

Private lessons are also available for purchase based on availability.

Direct access to ask questions you might feel hesitant to ask in class at your studio.

About your instructor Robbie Downey...

Robbie has danced in professional ballet company productions since childhood and has worked as a professional dancer for the last 7 years. She was accepted to the top schools in the country with the absolute best teachers as her mentors. Robbie spent every summer in NYC from the age of 12 learning her craft and completed year round programs at 2 of the best shools available to dancers in America. She has trained at American Ballet Theatre, Ellison Ballet, Master Ballet Academy, and more. Robbie placed in the top 3 for many years at prestigious competitions such as the Youth America Grand Prix and she competed at the invite only USA International Ballet Competition that is said to be the Olympics of Ballet. Her resume includes sought after roles such as Sugar Plum Fairy, Snow Queen, Clara, and more. She is the co-founder of a small professional ballet company in Los Angeles, West Coast Ballet, and is one of the youngest female directors in the industry. Robbie is booked frequently as a freelance artist in video, film, and quality independent productions and she continues to take class locally. She is a natural at teaching and has been teaching ballet to all ages since she was a pre-professional dancer in her teens.

Robbie is passionate about helping anybody that has ever dreamed of learning real ballet or is interested in improving their skills. Her passion is not only teaching but watching people of all ages transform into something they never thought possible. Her style is supportive and free of judgement. It is never too late to bloom or become the butterfly you have always dreamt of. Ballet is a gift that you can do at any age well into your future.

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